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Are you passionate about health and fitness? Do you share that passion with a highly engaged social media following that you’ve cultivated organically?

Do you want to empower them in various stages of their health journey?  

Geneius is all about helping people achieve their health and wellness goals by supplying users with a personalized, single-platform resource for everything from health gear to recipes to exercises. If this sounds like something you want to be a part of, let's explore ways we can collaborate!

How you can help

We are on the lookout for personal trainers, skin care savants, body positivity promoters, healthy cooking connoisseurs, etc… anyone who actively promotes healthy living via social media channels.

We believe in our brand and services and we think others should too. Share the advantages of Geneius with your community to encourage them to take control of their health!

As a token of appreciation, we will supply you with a unique link to share with your community that will earn you 15% commission as soon as anyone makes a purchase.

What you will be promoting

  1. A curated platform for health and wellness featuring top of the line products, comprehensive recipes, and detailed exercises.
  2. Genetic assessment as a means of improving the selection of products, diet, and exercise in terms of personal value and effectiveness.

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Are you an athlete?

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