Are you a professional athlete?

Elite athletes can benefit immensely from knowing everything from what to put in their bodies to how to avoid injury.

Geneius is a curated health and wellness platform that utilizes a filtering process to make personalized recommendations based on your unique and dynamic health objectives. Geneius is free to use, but by becoming a member, you can gain access to additional health data, like daily value measures for recipes and supplements, and receive special discounts on select items. Join now for $9/month ($99 annually).

We can also employ your DNA assessment data to provide even more insight into your body and metabolism.

DNA assessment is a powerful tool for athletes...

Here are some examples of what you can gain from our services.

Nutrition plans: what type of diet should you be on? Should you eliminate dairy? How should you prioritize your macronutrients like fat, carbs, and protein? There are genetic processes around your food intolerance, how you metabolize different macros, and what micronutrients you are predisposed for deficiencies in. By assessing your genes, we can predict what dietary adjustments and supplements are going to be worthwhile and effective for your unique biochemistry. It’s more than just counting calories.

Injury prevention: Things like the production of collagen (a major component of connective tissues in tendons, ligaments, muscles, and skin) and structural attributes are largely based on your genetics as well. By having a complete picture of your strengths and inherited potential risks, we can help you tailor and modify your athletic training plans to help you stay injury-free.

Career longevity: When applied collectively, this knowledge can help you make the most of your athletic career and stay on your feet for as long as possible. By slightly adapting your nutrition and training plans, you can cut out the trial and error and simply do what works.

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