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Looking for guidance on your health and wellness journey? Overwhelmed by the multitude of websites and products there are to choose from? You can count on our team of nutrition, fitness, and health professionals to bring you top of the line resources and products, curated for your unique needs through our Geneius platform. You can think of it as Amazon marketplace for health and wellness.

In addition to expert-selected products, our users can access exercises and recipes, complete with health highlights and comprehensive descriptions provided by experts.


Your health. Your way.

Whether you are looking to lose weight, gain muscle, stay lean and fit, or age gracefully, we will help you to achieve your goals in a cost-effective and time conscious way.

Geneius is publicly available for anyone to use. Simply create an account, supply relevant health information, and start discovering incredible products, exercises, and recipes specifically selected to help you along your health and fitness journey.

For even more personalization based on your genetic markers and predispositions, upload your DNA data or take our DNA test.

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Become a Geneius member to unlock even more health data, such as calculated Daily Values for recipes and supplements, and to get discounts on select quality products.

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We have designed a very flexible plan to order the reports you are interested in. You may start with smallest package (Vitamin Reports for $9.99), go with wellness packages (Skin, Nutrition, allergy, etc.), fitness packages (Weight Loss, Longevity, etc.) or order all the reports.

We are also offering a monthly membership plans which offers all the reports (included in Comprehensive Reports, $199) along with geneius membership over a year for only $19.99 a month.

Membership Benefits

To be a Geneius, you must become a member. Membership benefits include:
1. Access to content such as daily value you get from recipes and exercises tailored to you
2. Discounts on select products
3. Free Delivery of the products (on orders $25+)
4. We don’t want you to have to guess which multivitamin to buy ever again. The Silverberry DNA Vitamin Report is included for free in the membership (a $10 value). So if you already have a DNA file with another company such as 23andMe, AncestyDNA, FamilyTreeDNA, MyHeritageDNA, you can view your DNA-Based Vitamin Reports immediately.
5. Inform and influence the next round of products that we add to the collection.